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West Mills British school

West Mills British school


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High quality teaching is given at BusyBees and West Mills Secondary school. Right across our school, dedicated teachers – assisted by enthusiastic, genuinely caring support staff – use inspiring teaching strategies to bring learning to life. Through weekly planned development sessions, all teaching staff ensure that they stay that vital step ahead.

Throughout the school, we provide exciting opportunities for state-of- the-art wireless learning.

We have some of the very latest learning technologies.These contribute immensely to enjoyment in learning, and make retention and practical application much easier for the students supporting our goal of encouraging students to become highly competent learners, who do independent research.

Visit us, however, and you’ll discover much more than great teachers who understand that students learn best when they are enthralled and engaged.

Learning Enrichment at our school is at the core of who we are. It exists to help all pupils achieve their learning potential. For some time it has been recognized that some pupils have a less conventional learning style than others, even though their intellectual functioning is at a very high level. We therefore use a variety of teaching styles and encourage pupils to begin to develop their own opinions.

Learning Enrichment enables teachers to respond to each pupil as an individual by differentiating in their teaching for different learning styles and their different learning needs. Thus we make appropriate provisions for those with specific learning difficulties as well as for our gifted and talented pupils. As said earlier, we also provide an accelerated curriculum for the more able.


We would like to stress that support is available for all pupils whenever necessary during their time at our school. This may be short term, as a result of absence or a difficulty with a particular subject, or long term for those with a less conventional learning style.


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