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Tropical Cocktails, Desserts & Chops

Tropical Cocktails, Desserts & Chops


Product Description

Welcome to our world of Mixology where we excite your taste buds with our array of artistic, colourful and well processed Cocktails! Tropical Cocktails is an events outfit focused on adding colour and glamour to your special occasions. There is a drink for everyone…young, old, male, female.

The drinks range from “Mocktails” to “Cocktails”, “Punch”, “Smoothies”, “Milkshakes” and much more. These are carefully processed to suit your palate and are simply refreshing.

We also have a subsidiary into “Desserts”, “Small Chops” and “Finger Foods”! Orders can now be placed for our packs of delicious goodness and we will deliver to your doorsteps!

Planning an event? We will be very glad to be a part of it! Premium Cocktails, Desserts, Small Chops, Waffles and Ice Cream at affordable rates.

For booking or further inquiries call us on 08091564680


Birthdays & Weddings

Corporate Cocktail Parties

Product Launch

Social Events and Mobile Bar Service


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