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Here at Lagooz, we understand that laying a solid foundation, choosing the right school for your child’s secondary education, getting the necessary qualifications and choosing the right tertiary institution and course to face future tasks are some of the most important decisions you will ever make as a parent. These choices would not only affect the next few years of their lives, but also their future careers.

As a leading institution for secondary school, vocational and creative education, underpinned with a national reputation for research excellence, we have much to offer you and your child. We take pride in the attention given to our student welfare unit, headed by seasoned guidance counselors who are on hand to support, assist and advise your child through out their time in Lagooz, through the use of modern technology.

Valuing all students, we believe in the active promotion of equal opportunities for all and work towards achieving the following goals:

To provide the knowledge and skills our students need in order to:
develop as well-balanced people
make full positive contributions to our society
succeed in an increasingly technological and international environment
To develop in our students positive values and attitudes:Fairness and justice
Respect for others
Enjoyment of, and commitment to learning
Personal responsibility
Courtesy and consideration
To encourage and help students to achieve their best.


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