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Dale fabrics store

Dale fabrics store


Product Description

Dale fabrics is a top online fabric store in Lagos Nigeria making its mark in the fabrics market with eccentric, quality and neatly sown fabrics for both male and female. It is a known fact that consistency and good customer relations is key to a successful brand and as a top online fabric store in Lagos Nigeria Dale Fabrics embodies these qualities ensuring customer’s satisfaction at every cost.

As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race. CEO Dale Fabrics has surely penetrated the market with her consistency in production of  ready-to-wear designs and aso ebi collection among others. We can say that the sky is a stepping stone for this energetic and productive online fabric store/brand as it has built its integrity with clients in Nigeria and other countries like London, USA, Netherlands, Germany and Ghana.

Unlike other known top online fabric stores or brands in Lagos Nigeria, we offer Quality Fabrics and Practice free delivery in some part of home country. This practice along with excellent customer service and support has set us as side as one of the top online stores in Lagos Nigeria.

We are known for our excellent customer service and quick response to orders

We stock only quality and original fabrics


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