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Bee Hess Hospital

Bee Hess Hospital


Product Description

Bee Hess Hospital is a registered Hospital with HEFAMA.

We commenced operation about 6 years ago at nos. 155 Akowonjo Road, Akowonjo. The hospital is strategically located on the highway of Akowonjo Road opposite Foursquare Church.

We offer both Primary and Secondary Care in the area of Medicine, Surgery, Dental, Peadiatrics and Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Our staffs are made up of the Medical Director, Quality Assurance Director, Matron, Sister and other staff nurses and a few Auxiliary nurses, Front Desks, Cleaner, Security staffs and Ambulance driver. The Medical Director is Dr. R.O. Bakare, a general practitioner of about 30yrs experience. He has attended many seminars and workshops (Local and International). He has been involved in the management and handling of enrollees under Health Insurance Scheme since the inception of health insurance in Nigeria and has a good working relationship with the management of almost all the Health Maintenance Organisations.

It is presently a 40-bed Hospital with Theatre, Labour Room, Emergencies and Out patient facilities and ability to handle all emergencies. There is a separate reception area to cater for our co-operate clients and HMO patients. We also operate Ambulance Services for evacuation of emergencies (fully equipped and customized).

Specialist Doctors are readily available. There is a lot of room for expansion as arrangement is already on ground for expansion.

We have a Goal and a Mission to bring Healthcare Delivery to the people both in the area of Curative and Preventive Medicine (hence aka. Family Health) and it is also a registered Vaccination Centre. We have a commitment to satisfy our clients and growth is our watchword.


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