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At Codesmithers we’ve carved a reputation for ourselves as the best Web design company in Nigeria. Delivering cutting-edge Web design services is simply a byword for what the company stands for. Simply put, giving the best and at all times is non-negotiable.

As a renowned Web development company where mediocrity is unacceptable, our team is made of the top multidisciplinary talents in the industry. The team can easily map and execute innovative and reliable services for clients.

With Codesmithers, what you get would exceed your expectations. The unique approach to service delivery is guaranteed to provide exceptional experiences for clients.

Our vision, apart from being the go-to Web development company in Nigeria, is to relentlessly focus on growing our clients’ businesses. This involves creating high-end values for customers, enabling brands to connect seamlessly and deeply with the public and providing innovative digital online experiences.

So if you:

  1. are a business wishing to have a new website designed for your brand to take it to the next level;
  2. wish to revamp and redesign your website to make it more responsive and engaging
  3. need an app created for your business to create the perfect mobile experience for your clients or
  4. desire professional back-end services to manage your online presence,

our team of experienced, hardworking experts would apply the best industry practices to push your goals beyond your dreams.

Codesmithers Web design services

1. Web design and development

As one of the most reputable Web design company in Nigeria, we have a team of dedicated experts who specialize in all customized and open source Web design projects.

Whether you need a WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Php, Prestashop, etc., solutions for your brand, we have got you covered.

Check out some of our Web design and development services:

  • Personalized blog design
  • E-Commerce website development
  • Forum website design and development
  • Corporate website design
  • Development of marketing website
  • Development of customized web-based applications
  • And much more

2. App design and development

It is not debatable that mobile apps are the best ways businesses and organizations engage with the public. So every serious brand needs the very best mobile app optimized to work seamlessly on all platforms.

Our customized mobile apps would expand the horizon of your digital footprint and create more value for your brand. We ensure the app you get would give users a phenomenal experience on all smartphones and tablets.

3. Content providers

Creating a high-end website is one thing. Providing matching content is a different ball game. As a responsive Web development and design company in Nigeria, we can provide you with the desired content if you are too busy to do it yourself.

To stand out from the rest of the pack in your industry, we provide high-quality content for your website relative to your target audience. A strong informative content, like the ones we provide, would enhance your SEO and make your businesses and services easier to find by potential customers.

4. E-commerce Website Design and consultancy

At Codesmithers, our committed experts have what it takes to take your e-commerce empire to the next level and several levels after that.

Our deep understanding of how sales, logistics, supply chain, inventory tracking and management work in the industry puts us in a unique position to deliver on our promises.

Our conversion rates optimization strategy for your e-commerce website starts with analyzing where most of your traffic comes from. Then we make sure each landing page is relevant to searches and sources that generate the most traffic.

That way, visitors to your website would immediately find what they are looking for.

Not only that, the ultimate aim of optimization is never forgotten: that is, turning leads into positive action. In other words, users would take action to purchase a product or request for the services you are offering.

5. Information services

While we design some of the best websites and provide cutting edge services, we also make sure to educate and enlighten visitors to our website.

The information on our blog covers everything businesses and individuals need to know about growing their brand online. Our blog posts are sometimes described as the best free online resource covering everything thing about growing your online presence and much more.

Be sure to check it out.

Best Web Design Company In Nigeria: Our Vision

At Codesmithers, we pride ourselves on taking the client-first approach to every transaction. Our aim is closely linked with the desires of our clients. Every client is important. No demand is too small and every detail is pored over until the client is satisfied.

Most often than not, clients come away knowing we over-exceeded their expectations. Over-achieving has become a constant mantra for each project we take on.

In that respect, through our Web design services, our vision is to ensure that

  1. Visitors feel compelled to engage with your website through responsive calls to action
  2. The design of your website accurately depicts the objective of your brand and meets the best standards obtainable in your industry
  3. Your website never experiences any downtime and functions consistently all the time.
  4. We deliver a completed project that integrates easily into your existing IT framework.

Our Unique approach to Web design projects

As a professional website design company in Nigeria, our approach to projects embraces all the steps you would expect from the best design companies.

The following steps are the strategies we employ as we take your projects from concept to reality:

1. Planning and discovery phase

The planning and discovery stage involves meeting the client with our experts who represent various fields related to the project. We interview the client; sound them out on the things they want and how they want them.

This stage can be a little exhausting for clients since our queries push them to areas they never even considered before. But with careful handling and management of the client, the process is usually painless and generally a success.

The answers are documented into a project timeline, strategy, after-project support, target audience, and strategic business analysis.

2. The blueprint phase

For our website design and development service, the next phase is the user experience and information analysis phase. Here, the website layout, functionalities, features, specifications are organized into a usable document.

Generally, this phase is called the blueprint phase. It involves laying out a broad framework or flowchart for how the project would proceed from start to finish.

3. Creative Design phase.

Our websites designers and experts then get to work turning phases 1 and 2 to life. We make sure clients are aware of what is going on by giving them comprehensive feedback daily or at every important phase of the design process for their input.

4. Front-end and Back-end development

The best website designs are geared towards making them work flawlessly across various platforms and devices.

Our Front-end coding is done using the latest and most advanced coding, HTML5. The best practices are strictly adhered to and whatever CMS the client prefers, we make sure the sites can be easily updated in real-time.

5. Quality Assurance and Testing

Before rolling out any responsive, high-quality website, we put them through their paces. One of the best quality assurance strategies is through testing the new website on multiple devices.

The plan is simple: the website must be able to load quickly and properly whether on mobile smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops running on different operating systems.

We also ensure that browser-compatibility extends to all the major browsers be it the mobile or Web version of the browser.

In addition to all that, we make sure all the security and SEO plugins are properly integrated and are working perfectly.

6. Launch, analysis and optimization

After the rigorous testing of the quality assurance phase, the completed website is handed over to a highly competent and experienced system administrator.

Out system administrators have an eye for details. They spot the important stuff the other experts might have missed. In effect, this is another testing phase and we consider it a very important phase of the project

The system administrator launches the website and monitors it daily to make sure it performs the way it was designed. The designers would immediately be informed of any glitch discovered by the system administrator.

During this early launch phase, user interaction with the website is closely monitored and analyzed. The aim is to make sure subsequent users get the best from the website.

Ultimately, this should reduce bounce rate, increase the time spent on the website by users, attract repeat visitors, and give encouraging conversation rates.

Bring your questions, we have the answers

Choosing the perfect Web design company in Nigeria can be a daunting task. And deciding to launch a Web project can throw up several questions especially if this is your first time.

Most of our clients are filled with questions like:

  1. How do I design my website and the best template for my niche?
  2. How should my business be branded?
  3. What logo best fits my business?
  4. How should I market my website and increase traffic?
  5. What mobile app best for my business?
  6. What kind of support would be rendered after a project is completed and for how long?

Does any of the questions best describe how you are feeling at the moment?


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