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‘WAMAVET CONSULTS is a company that’s into Poultry farming, Supply of Day old Chicks (broilers, pullets, poults etc), sale of table sized broilers, Eggs, Point of lay Hens, Battery Cage, Veterinary Drugs, Sales agent,Consultancy Service, Contractor and General merchandise.’

Poultry feed for broiler and layers; Drugs such and Antibiotics, Nutritionals, Antistress, Electrolytes, Anticoccidial drugs; Vaccines such as IBD, NDV, Fowl typhoid/Cholera & Livestock Vaccines.Farm EquipmentDuration Varies · Call for priceWe supply equipme needed by farms such as Battery cage, Gas Brooder, Feeders, Drinkers, lighting systems and So on.Sales of Table Sized BroilersDuration Varies · Price Varies according to Body weightWe raise healthy broiler Birds for sale to Restaurants, Frozen Cheken Sellers, Festivities, Events and House Hold. Our birds are hygienically raised for Public Health Consumption. Live and Dressed.Point of Lay HensDuration Varies · Price Varies with age from 15 to 19weeksWe Supply point of lay Hens which is about to start dropping eggs, we also make sure that Vaccination Schedule for the layer Hens had been completed.Supply of Day Old Chicks30 minutes and upWe supply Quality Day Old Chicks such as broilers, pullets, Noilers, Black & White cockerel and Turkey Poults from reputable hatcheries without quality compromise, our delivery service is nationwide.



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